video re-mix: edit + color


Music Video: SFX, camera, edit, color


live performance: camera + color


Music Video: music, color, edit.


Music Video: Directed, DOP, Edit

Event Brand-Spot: Directed, Produced, DOP, Edit, Color

Artist Micro-Documentary: Directed, Produced, DOP, Edit, Color

Commercial | Museum Trailer: AD, Edit, Color

Behind the Scenes Fashion Shoot: Camera, Edit, Color.

Fundraising Infomercial: DOP, edit, color

Brand Spot for Web : AC | DP asst.

Artist Micro-Documentary : Camera, Color, Audio Mix

Brand Spot for Web: DP, Edit, Color

Micro-Documentary: Instrument Making: Co-Produced, Shot, Edited, Color

Brand Spot: Camera, Edit, Color

NGHTHWKS: Teaser Track

Art Spot: Original Sounds for 131Projects (from MOCA Miami's Optic Nerve)

Interview/ Narrative: Directed, Edited, Audio Mix

Museum Collection Spot: Shot, Edited, Directed

Original Music and Video: Music, Found Footage, Edit, FX

Museum Collection Spot: Shot, Edited